EasyDose – Hygienic Pill Organization System

At International Ave Pharmacy, we value the safety and well-being of all our customers above all. That is why we are proud to offer the EasyDose pill organization as a free service when you fill a prescription at our pharmacy. 

Anyone who takes medications on a regular basis knows that it can be difficult to balance the many different schedules and instructions. It is all too easy to miss a dose, mix up the instructions or the medications themselves if you are taking more than 2 pills per day at different times. Having multiple prescriptions also brings up lots of questions, things like “How am I supposed to take these ones again?” “With or without food?” “How many did the Dr say to take?” “What time was I due for that dose?” “Did I take that medication today?” “Where is the safest place to store them?” “Are these free from contamination?”. All of these concerns can be simplified with the EasyDose system. 

How the EasyDose System Works

EasyDose is an automated system that creates small individual packages for your pills. Each package is labelled with contents, time, and instructions on how to take the medication. Because this system is automated, no human hands come in contact with your medication before your own, ensuring they are free from any contamination. Since each dose is individually packaged, you no longer have to count and sort pills for each dose or transfer them over into weekly pill organizers. The EasyDose container contains individual slots for each medication packet, organized by date and time for optimal accuracy. Unlike pill bottles which can take up a surprising amount of space in a medicine cabinet, and attract children and curious parties, the EasyDose design allows for more functional and secure storage. It is also printed with normal vital sign ranges, making it easier for you to track your health. Make EasyDose part of your healthcare system and remove the guesswork from medication management.

How to set up EasyDose

  • Set up a meet and greet with one of our pharmacists. They will review your medications and any medical concerns. You can also ask any questions you might have.
  • The pharmacist will then arrange your medication schedule and make any modifications that might be necessary to make sure there are no medication interactions, ensuring you receive the most benefit from your medications 
  • You will then choose to either pick up your EasyDose container, or have it delivered directly to you at home so there is no waiting time at the pharmacy

EasyDose makes medication management easy. You can take your medication with you anywhere you might need, and have it protected from moisture and air while making sure it remains hygienic and secure. With each packet printed with the exact medication, strength and instructions you know exactly what you’re taking and when. If you are using more than 2 medications regularly, contact International Avenue Pharmacy to discuss how EasyDose can work for you. And don’t forget – it’s free!